Are you ready for a change? If you want to feel reenergized, renewed and at peace, you've come to the right place! At Collide Behavioral Health healing and peace are found in holistic treatments that focus on mind & body wellness. Therapy is focused on creating a life that is free of anxiety and obsession.

"Holistic Psychotherapy with Specialized Treatment in Eating Disorders"

At Collide you can find specialized treatment for eating issues including food fear, disordered eating, orthorexia and binge eating. Come into sessions feeling exhausted, anxious and a loss of control. Leave feeling rejuvenated, hopeful and empowered to make a change. Together we create a clear plan to help you see the changes you are looking for.

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Meet Danielle    

Danielle is a licensed psychotherapist who provides mental health and addiction counseling with a speciality in treating disordered eating. She has a passion for intuitive living and teaching wellness without the obsession. She provides psychotherapy at her Annapolis office and online recovery coaching for those struggling with disordered eating. Fill out the contact page to start your healing journey today!

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