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"Therapy for Eating Disorders and Anxiety"

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Six Tips to Overcome Binge Eating

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Meet Danielle

Danielle Swimm, LCPC is the owner and founder of Collide Behavioral Health. She's a therapist whose area of concentration is binge eating, body image and anxiety. She has a strong passion for helping people recover from binge eating and orthorexia. She enjoys helping individuals break through perfectionist tendencies, relieve anxiety and stop obsessing about food and body image. She provides therapy at her Annapolis office and also offers virtual sessions. Fill out the contact page to start your healing journey today!

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Meet Maya

Maya Jefferson, LMSW is has a strong passion for helping millennial women overcome anxiety and depression. She enjoys working with college students and high achievers who struggle with perfectionism, OCD, depression and trauma. She enjoys working with women of color, racial trauma and body image issues. She provides virtual therapy all throughout the state of Maryland.

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Meet Rachel

Rachel Hubbs is our wonderful administrative assistant. She is extremely passionate about advocating for mental health, especially for eating disorders, body image, and self-esteem issues. In her free time, she enjoys writing, listening to music, podcasts and meditations, as well as spending time with my family and friends. She'll help you get scheduled for you consultation today.

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